The International Conference For The Visual Effects And Animation Industry

It is an honor and a privilege for us to conduct the International Conference for Visual Effects and Animation. It was an absolute treat to witness the experts in the industry under one roof.

Our Vision

Our vision is to explore and experiment with all possible parameters in the visual effects and animation industry. To device new strategies that would make the complex areas simpler and easier.

Our Mission

Our mission is to impart knowledge to masses, especially to the younger generation in the field of visual effects and animation. Train them with the experienced experts to make them industry ready.

Practice Areas

With the state of the art tech, devices, and software we provide our students with a sophisticated environment to practice what they have learned. 


We make it a point to conduct conferences regularly. It enables us to know more about the industry and lets the students have a conversation with the experts to get a clear picture of what the industry demands.

Media Access

Our students have access to most of the media tools that are available. It is essential to provide the best facilities to get the best results.

Special Activities

The special activities pave ways for better bonding. These activities are not necessarily related to academics. 

List Of Exhibitors

We have a long list of exhibitors, who have come up with some extraordinary work. They are very creative and have the ability to transport you to another world.

Animation & Visual Effects

One of the booming and money making industries in the present situation. With the expectation of the audience increasing every day the demand of talented professionals in animation and visual effects is also increasing.

Career Fair

Carrier fairs are conducted every year to provide employment opportunities to our students.

Our Team


It is an honor to be associated with Effects MTL. 


As a person who loves animation and visual effects, Effects MTL is definitely a name that you can depend on.


To impart to impart knowledge to young minds is actually a great experience. Effects MTL has given me the platform to educate aspiring young minds from all over the globe.

Our Blog

Top 5 conferences in the world

  1. Business Innovation Factory Summit-

At the conference, the participants are known as “innovation junkies” share 15-minute stories about their personal growth, how they overcome hardships and also laying the groundwork for future opportunities that may arise. The Founder Saul Kaplan has designed BIF to maintain contacts and knowledge in the most optimal way possible. Speakers of the summit include Dorie Clark, Ken Falke and also CossMarte. The participants of the summit come with a stack of few contacts and even grown a couple of sizes bigger.

Business Innovation

  1. World Business Forum-

The World Business Forum is a conference held mainly for a singular objective that is to modernize how business gets done. To this end scenario, the organizers of the event invite some of the most critical and creative intellectuals, entrepreneurs, CEOs, artists and innovators working today to share their ideas regarding both the stage and more informally as they communicate with the attendees through the event itself. Some of the interactions have included Arianna Huffington, Daniel Kahneman, and even Daniel Goleman.


  1. The Future of Storytelling Summit

On the entering event invited only by Charlie Melcher, you feel like entering a world between Starfleet Academy Student Orientation and Harry Potter’s Sorting Ceremony Banquet. In every word, the FOST states its purpose of breaking down the boundaries between business, art, entertainment, and technology. At various levels the participants find themselves dancing with a pop dancer and unlocking a room-size puzzle or next to the gourmet food from the communal troughs. Though everyone you meet will be engaged in changing the world in some way or another and the vibe is invariably egalitarian.

  1. Podcast Movement-

Podcasting is a growing movement and growing rapidly in the world. The annual event is conducted where the leading lights of the podcasting meet to trade ideas and even chart new courses. Although there was a usual array of independent podcasters, the 2018 event held in Center City Philadelphia witnessed the conspicuous presence of major traditional media giants such as Westwood One and Turner Broadcasting. The speakers also included everyone from business podcast favorite Pat Flynn to creative class celebrity Terry Gross.


  1. PSFK’s Consumer Experience Innovation Conference

At the beginning it was one of the first consumer technology blog sites, the conference has become the organization that supplies most of its research that the companies in the retail environment use to make their most vital decisions. The Consumer Experience Innovation’s mission is far beyond the average computer screen. The founder of the company Pier Fawkes brings together a unique range of speakers that have one attribute in common that their thought process is different from the assumed groupthink. The participants return with a unique understanding of the products, brands and even the stories around them interact with each other so that they can make sure their marketing stays ahead.

Top Brainstorming Tips For Your Next Conference

  1. Individual brainstorming

This technique involves separating the idea generation process from the main point of discussion. How this is done is that the team leader shares the topic with his team, post which the members of this team have to pen their ideas individually. Doing this helps eliminate any bias and also encourages all the team members to share their individual ideas with each other. Additionally, it also enables the allocation of more time to the members to go over their ideas a second time in order to finalize. This helps to brainstorm in a more distraction-free environment.

Individual brainstorming

  1. Figure it out technique

This is a straightforward yet interesting and insightful method of brainstorming. It basically involves you brainstorming ideas based on how you think a third party would react if he/she were in your shoes. Usually, the person you pick will most likely be someone you admire or look up to trust their judgment.  This offers you the viewpoints of people outside the conference to help make a decision. The more the ideas, the better and more creative is its outcome.

  1. E-brainstorming

The virtual platform is the trend currently, and therefore virtual brainstorming teams are the in thing now across every industry. The invention of the e-mail and collaboration tools are making working remotely acceptable in many organizations across the globe.Although we are now sharing individual ideas back and forth by means of e-mail, it is close to impossible to archive these ideas for any future reference. For this purpose, it is useful to create a central location on an online portal where the members of your team can collaborate and work.

 virtual brainstorming


  1. Round Robin

This technique gets its name from the requirement to form a circle while the teams work together. They share the topic within the circle and let each other know their individual ideas till they complete a full circle. While they are at it, the facilitator records all ideas discussed. This is a useful technique to bring out the introverts in the team to speak up, and this is entirely the point of this technique. While leading a session, this method of brainstorming permits everyone in the team to pitch in their ideas and contribute to receive equal recognition. Also, keep in mind not to encourage people from running to the excuse of someone already having taken their idea as if they do that they will not have anything to contribute. So what you do is, assure them that you will get back to them and go to the next person as this will give them time to think of new ideas by the time you return.

Effects MTL is not about just teaching animation and visual effects. They have clear knowledge about what the industry needs. The curriculum is designed to meet them. It is definitely one of the best places to learn Visual effects and animation.