1. Individual brainstorming

This technique involves separating the idea generation process from the main point of discussion. How this is done is that the team leader shares the topic with his team, post which the members of this team have to pen their ideas individually. Doing this helps eliminate any bias and also encourages all the team members to share their individual ideas with each other. Additionally, it also enables the allocation of more time to the members to go over their ideas a second time in order to finalize. This helps to brainstorm in a more distraction-free environment.

Individual brainstorming

  1. Figure it out technique

This is a straightforward yet interesting and insightful method of brainstorming. It basically involves you brainstorming ideas based on how you think a third party would react if he/she were in your shoes. Usually, the person you pick will most likely be someone you admire or look up to trust their judgment.  This offers you the viewpoints of people outside the conference to help make a decision. The more the ideas, the better and more creative is its outcome.

  1. E-brainstorming

The virtual platform is the trend currently, and therefore virtual brainstorming teams are the in thing now across every industry. The invention of the e-mail and collaboration tools are making working remotely acceptable in many organizations across the globe.Although we are now sharing individual ideas back and forth by means of e-mail, it is close to impossible to archive these ideas for any future reference. For this purpose, it is useful to create a central location on an online portal where the members of your team can collaborate and work.

 virtual brainstorming


  1. Round Robin

This technique gets its name from the requirement to form a circle while the teams work together. They share the topic within the circle and let each other know their individual ideas till they complete a full circle. While they are at it, the facilitator records all ideas discussed. This is a useful technique to bring out the introverts in the team to speak up, and this is entirely the point of this technique. While leading a session, this method of brainstorming permits everyone in the team to pitch in their ideas and contribute to receive equal recognition. Also, keep in mind not to encourage people from running to the excuse of someone already having taken their idea as if they do that they will not have anything to contribute. So what you do is, assure them that you will get back to them and go to the next person as this will give them time to think of new ideas by the time you return.