Call For Speakers

Become a speaker or speaker for MTL effects!

Choose your theme (track):

  • VFX (ex: present your work VFX on Deadpool)
  • Animation (ex: research work on the texture of dinosaurs in Jurassic World)
  • Business / production (panel of broadcasters, buyers, HR or education issues)
  •  Art & Tech (software, workshop on maximizing tools / software)


  • 1h (50 min + 10 min Q & A)
  • Conference room with 150 seats or 400 seats (in plenary)

Live demos in the Expo Zone:

  • Choose your track (Art & Tech, Animation, VFX or Business / Production)
  • Format: 30 minutes (20 min + 10 min Q & A)
  • Located in the Expo Zone among about thirty kiosks

Your audience? 

The seniors of the industry, the technicians, the artists and the enthusiasts! Share your ideas and knowledge with us! Please contact us to complete the form below, to host a panel, a conference, a workshop or a live demo. We will contact you shortly!